XAMPP make Apache PHP MySQL Easy to Install

By | 26/08/2010

XAMPP is a software developed by the project team named Apache Friends. Apache Friends is a non-profit organization promotes the project to the Apache web server. It was founded in the spring of 2002 by Kai ‘Oswald’ Seidler and Kay Vogelgesang. XAMPP is designed to enable users who have been feeling is not easy to install Apache web server, especially when the user wants to combine it with MySQL, PHP, and Perl. With XAMPP everything can be done easily.

XAMPP is a free software and supports many operating systems, so users who use the OS other than Windows still can use this application (in XAMPP website, note the link for your OS). You can download XAMPP at Apache Friends official website. For users who are using Windows go to this link and choose the EXE version because the file size is smaller than the ZIP version.

When finished downloading the file please run the execution file and select the location where you will put your XAMPP folder. XAMPP folder location can be placed anywhere, not necessarily located at the highest level on each drive. When finished extracting, the file will be automatically executed setup_xampp.bat. Please follow the instructions that setup_xampp.bat give, it will finish installing XAMPP on your computer.

After the installation please start the Apache web server and MySQL via xampp-control.exe and open your web browser because we will check whether the installation of XAMPP is really successful. Just type in your web browser or http://localhost/wp/, if installation was successful then you will see a pre-made start page with certain examples and test screens.

To fix most of the security weaknesses on your XAMPP simply type http://localhost/wp/security/ in your web browser with Apache and MySql state of being active.

XAMPP makes no entries in the Windows registry or adds new system variables. So if you want to uninstall XAMPP, simply by deleting the folder XAMPP or running uninstall_xampp.bat that can be found in the folder XAMPP.

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