Prepare Before Travelling to Lombok

By | 26/08/2011

A little research and planning can go a long way to insure you’ll have a safer, more economical and enjoyable trip for Lombok Island destination, or as your little travel tips for destination of Lombok.

A little preparation will also help to keep your property safe while you’re traveling.

But, who can remember all the little details when you’re rushing to get away? We can help find the resources needed for planning and remind you of all those little details so you can relax and enjoy your travels.

Doing the Research

  • What type of research should I do before I travel?
  • Do some research; learn as much as you can about your destination.
  • Check to see what type of paperwork and documentation you will need to travel
  • Find out what type of diseases is common to the area you’ll be visiting and take actions to prevent your exposure to those diseases.
  • Check your own medical coverage to see what type of coverage you’ll have when away from home. Consider purchasing trip insurance.
  • If you plan on driving, get your car ready and investigate the local road conditions, laws and other driving requirements.
  • Do some research about the costs of local items so you can set your budget? Don’t forget to budget for taxes and tipping. Many governments charge high taxes for travel related services.
  • Check the dates of local major holidays or festivals, since services may be limited on those dates.

What additional research should I do when planning Travel to Lombok Island?

  • Find out if you will need a passport to enter the country. Make sure your passport is up to date and valid. Some countries will not let you in if your passport will expire within six months of your return home, extend it, if you are close to expiration.
  • Find out if you will need any visas to enter the country.
  • Find out what types of vaccinations you will need to enter the country, there may also be medications you’ll need to take before, during and even after your trip.
  • Check the financial section of your newspaper, they usually post exchange rates and checking in advance can give you an idea of how much you’ll need to budget.
  • Do some research with countries official Customs to find out what you can take with you and what you may bring back.
  • Build some basic language skills in the local language.
  • Most of the world uses the metric system, so try to become familiar with this system. 1 kilometer = .62 mile so 100 kilometers per hour = 62 miles per hour.

Culture Tips

What Must to Do

  • Smile and great people, especially elders.
  • Shake hands, gently.
  • Be sure to sit at the same level as other people.
  • Be polite to each other.
  • Use only the right hand to eat and hand objects or money to someone.
  • Accept hospitality and food, you don’t have to eat and drink.
  • Dress modestly. Women should keep upper arm and things covered.
  • Bend down and walk around seated people when you need to pass.
  • Say good bye when you leave.

What Must not to Do

  • Enter houses, buildings or village without being invited.
  • Wear shoes inside a house.
  • Point at people with your left hand, do it with your right hand. Don’t ever use your foot to people.
  • Point the bottom of your feet directly at people while sitting on the floor.
  • Touch anyone’s head.
  • Step over people or food on the floor.
  • Eat with your left hand, or use your left hand to give or accept object or money.
  • Raise your voice, especially in anger.

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