Mawun Beach, A Stunning Beach in Middle Lombok

By | 08/09/2011

Approximately 7 km to the west of Kuta Beach, Lombok, there is one beautiful little bay called Mawun Beach.

A beach with calm waves and still quiet, Mawun beach at wedge by two hills and has clear and calm water with occasional small ripples of waves came.

You can relax under the big trees in the shady side beach with views that are truly extraordinary.

For you who want to sunbathe, beach Mawun well suited because it’s not too crowded, swimming or just relaxing with a float in the water also would be nice.

Mawun Beach Lombok Stunning Scenery

Mawun Beach Lombok Stunning Scenery

The beach is very quiet and almost no waves, so very comfortable for swimming.

Mawun beach shaped like a bow with a deep arch. The hills around the beach always change the colors as the seasons.

In the rainy season, the hills will be dominated by green vegetation that thrives, while in the dry season will look brownish. These colors blend with blue and white Ocean waves breaking in the distance when hit the reef.

Another Stunning View of Mawun Beach Lombok

Another Stunning View of Mawun Beach Lombok

In the middle of the bay, you will find the sand with small grain size. But more to the south, you will find the sand grain size becomes larger. In the southern part of this bay, lots of black rocks spread out, blended with white sand beaches.

For tourists who are interested in adventure, there is high hill have been waiting for a steep climb.

At the top of the hill, stunning scenery from the shore line the winding, hilly and extent of the sea are waiting for anyone who is tempted to enjoy them.

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