A View From Hill Malimbu Beach Lombok

Malimbu beach is located about 7 or 8 km from the Senggigi Beach who become the world’s most illustrious. Did not like the white sandy beach on the coast Mawun or beautiful sand in Kuta Beach.

Malimbu beach has incredible panoramic views and so  beautiful. Malimbu sandwiched between two hills and a background of green hills.

Usually in the evening the sunset hunter droves to Malimbu, especially on holidays, come to Malimbu hills. While looking at the sunset, take photos or sipping coconut offered by the seller.

Malimbu Beach View from the Hill

Malimbu Beach View from the Hill

Malimbu hills is very suitable place to be the main object, because just from the top of the hill, you can capture scenery that looks natural.

If the weather was clear, you can witness the charm of the sunset that looked so clear from the hilltop.

If lucky, you can find a pack of monkeys that were hanging around the top hill of Malimbu.

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